BOGOF and Apologise – act #17 and #18

BOGOF and Apologise

ARRRRHHHHHHHH – I seem to be falling more and more behind on keeping you up to date on my 40 acts challenge.  So this is me apologising (and completing act #18….) for not being a reliable blogger and for failing to complete these acts properly.  Some days it seems really easy to be generous and to think outside the box, but other days I am tired and stuck in the house and find it really difficult.  
I struggled with the Buy One Get One Free challenge because I shop at Aldi where there are no BOGOF offers, everything is just cheap!!  But that is no excuse.  So as a one off act of generosity (just to make me feel as if I am actually doing all of them!!) I am offering to buy someone a free piece of wall art from my lovely friend’s business.  All you need to do is be the first person to comment below and then I will sort it out.  Please read more about it below….    
“For anyone looking for ways to bring the word of God into your home, please take a look at my lovely friend’s business venture – she will create bible based wall art to design, or you can buy ready designed ones off ebay.
I have one on the wall in my lounge and it is definitely a door opener/talking point for those who come to my house!
This one is my particular favourite….

2 thoughts on “BOGOF and Apologise – act #17 and #18

  1. Rachel Ridler says:

    ha ha! I wondered who might pick up on this! No please do have a look a let me know what you want. The owner is my friend too, so if you have a bible verse or wall art in mind let me know and she will design it for you. x

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