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So I have been dabbling in pinterest the last few months to rustle up some great bible based activities for toddlers and kids.  Here are my favourites at the moment, but be sure to follow me on pinterest to get even more ideas!

Memory Verses using blocks

A simple and easy exercise of helping young ones learn some great bible verse using blocks – they just have to build them up in the right order!

Lion Mask
Who doesn’t love the story of Daniel in the lions den and how God protects us to show his glory to others.  Kids also love pretending to be lions so this mask is genius
Joseph’s coat of many colours
Sam is loving reading his book about Joseph and his brothers (it is a great one for explaining family to him as at the end it says God did all these things so that in the end Joseph’s family would be protected).  And sticking is about his level at the moment, so definitely going to try this one out…
Toddler Approved Tuesday

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