Mentors in motherhood

This week in my Christian Leadership Academy course at church we were talking all about integrity and how having a mentor or accountability partner is a great thing as it forces you to make those decisions that you do really want to make but don’t have the will power to do on your own!  I am not sure that I have any people whom I have sat down and said “will you be my accountability partner?” with, but I do have plenty of relationships that work like that in an unspoken way (my husband is the best at this because he knows me so well!!

This got me thinking about motherhood and whether we have mentors and accountability partners in this journey.  It also got me thinking about the ways in which we can have “unspoken” mentors and accountability partners, where actually the relationships we have work just like that, we just haven’t actually recognised it!

Often in my lectures I feel guilty that I am not doing something, but then realise later that I am doing it, I just haven’t called it that.  Here is an example for you.  I follow on twitter some amazing Christian women and mothers – I read their tweets and blogs and I absorb their wisdom.  Surely this is a type of mentoring?  
I also have lots of mum friends who pop round for tea and we chat through how we are doing with our kids that week and we encourage or challenge each other where needed.  Surely this is a type of accountability relationship?

So this week I am choosing not to feel guilty just because I haven’t got an “accountability partner” by that name, because actually I have loads of friends around me who take on that role for me.  Would it be great to have one specific person who I can do this with, yes!  But am I going to worry about it and add it to my to do list this week, no.  Why not share below your experiences of this.

One thought on “Mentors in motherhood

  1. Cathy says:

    Interesting read. I think mentoring, with that label, is quite a big deal in American churches. Perhaps we would benefit with some more of that sort of stuff in the UK, but not all churches have experienced and new mums in them. I think in the end that we want people around us, mums or not, who point us to Jesus in the nitty gritty of life, and that’s what we want to be seeking out.

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