Hold it lightly – act #7

Hold it lightly

Well today has been a tricky one for me, and I thought I had been doing so well in being generous!  So I think I shall start with a little story/reflection on this all.  

It happened back in January.  I reached an internal quandary, a battle between my heart and my head.  We had generously been given some money and as a family decided that we would treat ourselves to a new sofa – one that would allow plenty of space for our lifegroup to come over and that would fit our family life better too.  We ordered it and were told in 6-8 weeks it would be ready (yippee!!).  Then came the question of what to do with the old one.  It was only a few years old really and quite modern, so we could probably get £100 if we sold it.  That would be nice thought my head!  

But then my heart started prodding me about all the lovely people I knew in my life who could do with a free sofa.  So many names came flooding through, and so the battle started.  Its funny really, as it shouldn’t have been a battle at all.  A few months earlier I had been praying earnestly to God to bless us with some new furniture that would fit better into our new house and allow us to be more hospitable to others.  In my prayer I had also added in that if God was so loving as to do that I would give away my old furniture and bless others.  But here was my head having a little go – trying to get me to be selfish instead and sell it. 

I wrestled with the thought of how many takeaways that £100 could buy.  But in the end my heart won out (yey!) and we gave the sofa to some friends whose existing sofa was falling apart.

So today when this challenged appeared I thought “Well I have done this already!  Surely I don’t need to do this again.”.  I don’t think that is the right attitude for me to have, and tonight once my one year old is soundly asleep I will be praying about my possessions and what I can hold onto a little less tightly.  I already have a box of things to go to the charity shop, so I think I will make another sweep of the house and see what things I am holding on to to try to make a bit of money on (think of all those takeaways I could have if I just had the time to list them on ebay!) and instead donate them to good homes.

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