Fun with t-shirts! #toddlerapprovedtuesday

Today me and Sam had a creative morning, all thanks to .  We were lucky enough to be sent one of their creative kits to decorate your own t-shirt.  It even came with a transfer of Thomas the tank engine (which Sam seems to love at the moment!). Here is a brief photo journey of our morning! 


Sam had lots of fun opening the box and exploring the contents – he really liked the fabric pens for drawing….


Things got a little messy!  



A masterpiece in progress….


After a good hours worth of mess making, the t-shirt was finished!  And a lot of fun was had.  I would definitely recommend this product for a rainy afternoon.  My son is almost two and he enjoyed it, but I am sure older kids would get even more out of this activity and then lots of enjoyment wearing their creations!

So if you would like to follow our example make sure to visit 

disclaimer: I was given a free sample kit by the company for my honest review

Toddler Approved Tuesday

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