Chinwag – act #2


Today’s act was to get talking to my neighbours and to live a more open life with them.  Well, thanks to my efforts when we first moved to the estate with the welcome bags, coffee morning and Christmas open house, I do already know quite a few of the neighbours that live closest to me.  So I have chosen to skip the easier version of this challenge and go on to the tough one!!

The challenge for those who are already friends with their neighbours is to take it to the next level and try to organise something intentional with them.  Now a year ago I started a pudding club with the thinking that it would be a place I could invite new contacts to and cultivate friendships in.  I have always said “next pudding club I will invite some of the neighbours” and have never got round to it, so today I have taken that step! 

I printed off some invitations and ready to pop them through the doors of any neighbours I knew the first names of.

Later today me and Sam ventured out to post the invitations (and look for diggers….) and we had a great adventure!  Whilst walking around my estate I noticed a grumpy looking sign on a new neighbours door saying “please don’t ring the bell as I have a grumpy teething baby who is asleep”.  In the spur of the moment I rushed back home, toddler in tow, to find my cards and gold bar from my generosity kit.  I quickly wrote a card of encouragement and put the gold bar inside the envelope.
I then ventured back outside ready to post, but in the way we saw the road sweeper man that visits our estate each night.  We waved at him and smiled and he pulled over to have a chat!  He asked what I was posting and if he could have one so I gave him the gold bar instead and got chatting to him as well!!!  After our conversation I had to quickly run back to the house, toddler still in tow, to find another gold bar to replace it, before going and posting it though the door of my neighbour.
So all in all I think day number two has been really successful!  I took risks that I probably wouldn’t have before and am hoping that all the invites and card are well received.  Hope your day went well too! 

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