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So it is the first day of Lent, and for the second year in a row (hopefully more successfully this year!) I am taking on the 40 acts challenge, to live a more generous life.  I think this ties in so well with my mission to share hospitality and the good news of Jesus to everyone I meet, so I hope that you might join me on this journey too.

Its not too late to sign up to take part, just visit www.40acts.org.uk  and you will then receive daily emails with a devotional thought and 3 different challenges of different difficulties.   Here is the link for today’s challenges: http://www.40acts.org.uk/the-challenge/starting-line/  

Today I am starting this series on my blog as an online journal of my generosity journal.  I am hoping that each night I can update you all on how I did that day and share any encouragements and stories that I have had.  

I am also putting together a “generosity kit” so that I can be intentional about this and be prepared (as a girl guide this really rings true!!).  Here is a picture and list of what I have included in my generosity kit that will be going into my nappy bag so that I always have it with me….

1. a pen (you never know when someone might need one!)
2. Tesco clubcard vouchers (just in case someone needs some shopping and they don’t have the money)
3. Fight like a girl book (for a christian friend who needs empowering)
4. Cross-examined book (to pass on to someone who is searching for answers about Jesus)
5. Packet of tissues (to comfort someone who is crying or maybe just someone who has a cold and needs a tissue!)
6. A packet of thank you cards (to leave behind when someone does something nice to let them know)
7. A gold bar (just because they are amazing and will hopefully cheer someones day up!)

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