20 at a time

I often think about the challenge that I have set myself for my lifetime, that I discussed with and dreamt with God about.  To feed 5000 people in my home. From the outside it seems ludicrous, insane and unattainable.  But I know that I have a God of the impossible.  Who can move mountains!  To Him 5000 is only a handful, and he could gather them together in a few seconds if He wanted to.

So as I look at my current total of 165, I am not worried because at the moment  they might be coming in twos, threes and occasionally twenties (we hosted a fantastic pudding club this month!) but in the future God may bring people into our home in the hundreds! Or even thousands!!!  Perhaps our home will be extended to encompass the local park, or our church building.  The possibilities are endless.  And I like that.

To have a goal that is so much bigger than myself is quite humbling really.  I cannot do it on my own, so it is something I have to do hand in hand with God. We will travel this road together and see where it takes us. Do you have any goals that are bigger than yourself? 

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