Screaming, splashing and a whole lot of laughing

Three or so months ago I embarked on something huge – I signed Sam up to “swim-a-song” lessons.  I thought it would be a fun activity we could do together, time with a church friend and her baby, and also hopefully I would meet some new people and start some great friendships.  Everyone is always raging about the friends they make at mums groups so I thought this would be no exception!

After the first week I knew my expectations were way too high.

Pre-screaming, looking angelic!

The second Sam stepped foot into the swimming pool was when it started.  The screaming that is.  And for the first half term of lessons it continued.  Every week, at least once during the half an hour lesson, Sam would be screaming his lungs off.  It was endearing to start with, cute even.  Everyone felt sorry for me and the child who hated swimming.  You know what – it’s really difficult to have a meaningful conversation with someone when your child is screaming. 

But we persevered and I signed us up for a second half term of swimming.  I was dreading the first week back and the sound of screaming was echoing in my ears, but I really wanted to see the other mums again and endeavour to become friends.   It paid off.  The first week back and Sam was a different child! He splashed with the other kids, he high fived the instructor, I even managed to get in a few conversations!!!  

I guess my whole point is this – keep on persevering.  Friendships don’t happen over night.  I was on the verge of giving in, not only because of the screaming, but because it was so hard to start friendships there.  You are concentrating most of the time on not drowning your own child that it is hard to get to know people.  And then at the end you all go off into the changing rooms to sort you and your child out, disappearing without a trace when you are done.  But as the screaming has started to die down, in between “horsey-horsey” across the swimming pool on woggles and “humpty dumpty” on the swimming pool wall, I am now actually getting to know people.  Perhaps I will eventually pluck up the courage to see if anyone wants to grab a cuppa before the lesson (afterwards is just mental!), perhaps I won’t.  But at least I am there giving it a go!

Me and Sam with his “Swim-a-song 1” certificate!  We made it!!


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