Using PrayerMate on my Ipad

For Christmas this year our family got an amazing gift – an Ipad.  It is such a blessing, as it means that we can facetime family who are far away (great for Sam to remember who everyone is even when we can’t visit all the time), we can play educational games with Sam on it and I can even update my blog when I’m out and about!  But the one thing I was most excited about was learning new ways in which I could connect with God through it.

One of the best apps that I discovered for doing this is PrayerMate. 

PrayerMate offers a place where you can store all the things that you are praying for, that you have committed to praying for and that you are circling in prayer (if you have read the Circle Maker, which is a fantastic book, then you will know what I mean!).  I know often I say that I will pray for something and then instantly forget.  Or I will set goals for a year and then forget what they are one month in.  With PrayerMate you can set up lists with separate “Cards” for different topics.  Each day the app will select a number of “cards” for you to pray through.  This way you know that you are continuing to pray for the things you promised, and it also acts as a great reminder for the things you set out to achieve.
At the moment I have the following lists in my PrayerMate:
-Family and Friends (this includes my God-children)
-Lifegroup members
-Church issues (including prayer for our church leaders)
-Causes and Organisations (such as CAP, UCCF, Home For Good)
-2015 goals 
-Church Planting Dream (laying the foundations in prayer for a dream God has given me!)
The possibilities are endless for what you could set up, and you can change each card as you go (noting when prayers are answered or adding new requests).  I think it is a fantastic resource for those devoted to prayer and with a real prayer ministry, although you have to be aware that I can take away a little from spontaneous prayer (I try to have some separate time for that!).  Perhaps you should test it out and see for yourself….

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