Mum on a mission vs The move to the big boy bed …..

So yesterday was the day – the move from the cot to the big boy bed.  All was going smoothly the day of the move.  Sam was excited about it, he even helped daddy take the rails off the cot and screw it back into a toddler bed.  The toys had been lined up in bed, as per normal.  Nap time had been successful during the day.  It was all looking good for bedtime.

And I am delighted to say that it all went well! He slept from 7pm-6:30am with no whinges, cries or anything.  Am in shock, and I know that this is just one battle won (who knows what will happen when he figures out he can get out of bed and play with his toys instead of sleeping….).

Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and make a change, whether that be in our children’s lives, our own lives or in our relationship with God.  I have been putting this off for weeks, but I know that it was worth it now.  Sam is so happy to be in his big boy bed and have a little bit more independence.  Maybe I need to assess what other things in my life I am holding back on and just ask God whether it is time to bite the bullet on them.  If it is the right time and the right thing then God will bless it abundantly.  


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