Let it go (mum on a mission version of frozen)

So frozen. 

Anyone who knows me will know i dislike this film a lot, partly for its over played domination of everything, but mainly because I much prefer the voice of Idina Menzel as elepheba in wicked (one of the best musicals of our time if I do say so myself….).  But I do believe it has an important message for all of us mums on a mission.  And that is to let it go (if you are singing the song in your head please stop – it is appalling!).

So what should I be letting go of I hear you ask? Simply put – Everybody. 

Most things run a lot smoother when we stop worrying about what the other person is doing/thinking. Or what God is doing in them.  There have been many times when I have brought someone along to a church meeting or had a great conversation with them and wanted to know straight away their reaction to it – if God has moved them to a commitment or not.  This is not right.

It is not for us to know when or how God will impact someone, it is not for us to judge what is a break through for someone else.  It is our job to love others and to present the good news of Jesus to them – let it go and let God do the rest.

This is a short and sweet message that I think we all need reminding of from time to time.  I know I need to let it go sometimes, and perhaps you and I need to watch frozen today if just to be reminded of that (it definitely won’t be because for any other reason!!) 

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