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So this will be a very “short but sweet” kind of post today.  I was clearing out some things that my mum had given me from my old bedroom and came across a journal that I had kept the first summer I started going out with my now husband.  We had only been together a couple of months whilst at university before the summer hit and we were destined for three months apart – a huge deal when you are young and in love.  So I wrote a journal to try to keep myself sane during that time.  And here is a passage I wanted to share with you all:

“When I am with you now I am beginning to understand more and more what love is.  I can understand more why Jesus died on the cross to save us.  He did it because he loved us so much.  And I can totally understand that now.  There is so much that I would sacrifice in order to save your life.  I would give up my money, my career, and ultimately my life, in order that you may lead a full and happy one.  I’ve never felt that kind of love before, and I guess Jesus’ death has never spoken so clearly to me before, so thank you.  To think about how much it must be hurting God and bringing Him to tears when we sin, and how much he must love us to send His son as a rescue plan just blows my mind away..”

I was 20 at the time I wrote this, just experiencing true love for the first time.  And now I am (almost!) 10 years older, I have a son and a lot has changed about my relationship with my husband. I am experiencing love in a completely different way again and learning even more about the extent of God’s love for me in the process.  Never under-estimate the power of God to speak through you ordinary life and to teach you about his perfect love through your own love in the world.    

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  1. Rhoda says:

    Hi Rachel! Yes I think God often teaches us things through ordinary life when we are open to it, and close to Him. Though I do find when I am distracted and busy that there is a lot less, if any, of that! That is great that you can learn about God's love for you through your relationships. I know that having my first baby and the feelings I had of how awful it would be to lose him, helps me to be more amazed at how God would give His only son for us.

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