Ineffective and Unproductive

Ineffective and unproductive.
These are two words that would fill me with dread if I heard them from my manager.  I would hate to think that I couldn’t do my paid job well enough, so why do we settle for this in our Christian lives?  
When we became Christians it wasn’t so we could just sit and enjoy the nice feeling of knowing God.  It wasn’t so we could learn so much about him that we are the greatest bible scholar in history.  It wasn’t so we could enjoy nice church services together and feel good about ourselves.  We were given a mission, a calling, a commission.  To use the knowledge we have been given of Jesus’ life saving gift and to tell others about it.  
So let me ask you a question – if you had to sit down for a “One-to-one” with God, a “performance review” or “appraisal”, what would he be telling you about your use of the knowledge he gave you?  Would he be saying that you are achieving your objective, exceeding it, or is there room for improvement?
Today I read the below passage in 2 Peter and it really challenged me to review my actions.  At work I have my quarterly objective pinned to my notice board – I am always aware of them and always working towards them.  I want to make sure that I achieve them so that my boss will be happy with me.  But I really don’t think I am like that with the objectives that God has given me.


Sitting here now, I have a real desire to do something amazing for God – to push myself to be as effective and productive as I can with my life so that others will know about Jesus. I want to live a life that is worthy of being re-told, of being written about and remembered – not because I want the celebrity or the glory of that, but because I want to inspire others to follow suit.  You see if we all lived like this, then celebrity and the problems of fame wouldn’t happen as we would all be doing it! 
So lets review our own lives and appraise what we are doing with the knowledge God has given us.  Lets commit to becoming the most effective and productive versions of ourselves.  Lets all become gospel sharing celebrities in our own spheres of life so we can continue to inspire and encourage each other.

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