Toddler Tales – Being a proud mummy

I love my son, and like all parents, I think he is the most amazing little human being that ever existed!  I am not sure if that is something that is just uploaded into your brain when you give birth, but you just see awe and wonder in some of the things that they can do.  I always try to subdue my need to talk about it as I don’t want to appear to be a boasting braggy kind of parent, but I really do think he is something special!!

Here are a few examples of things my 18 month old can do (which make me all giddy in pride!!)

  • go swimming with minimal screaming (believe me this is an achievement as the first three weeks of Swim-a-song lessons were a test of my ear drums and those sat in the leisure centre cafe..)
  • put his own hat on
  • say like a million words and put them into little sentences – mummy wee wee and finger kiss better are amongst his favourites at the moment (apparently I am always on the loo)
  • dance like a lunatic
  • recognise any programme from cbeebies within 1 second of hearing it start
  • make the noises of most farm animals and also mummy’s made up noise for a giraffe (in my head it is the sound of its really long neck squeaking because it is rusty)
  • run – again like a lunatic
  • climb almost anything in sight, especially dangerous looking things that he might fall off
  • do DIY like daddy, in particular hammering 
So that is my little list of amazing things.  It got me thinking about how God sees us once again.  I am sure the achievements that we make day to day are really small to God, but he feels a immense pride when we stand up to sin or actually find time to read the bible or give a gift to someone in need.  All those things he could do in a heartbeat, but he lets us try to do them ourselves and he rejoices in us when we succeed.  God never wants us to fail, He just sometimes has to let us try it on our own so that we can prove to ourselves that we can do it.
So don’t belittle the things that you do in your own lives.  You would celebrate them in your child’s life and God celebrates them in yours, so just join in the celebration and take awe in some of the things you do as well as those around you.  You are a pretty awesome human being when you think about it!

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