AMEN! A toddlers view of prayer

Every night as we walk up the stairs to his bedroom, me and my husband pray a simple prayer with our son.  It is not eloquent, it is not complicated and mostly it is whispered in a hushed voice that is consistent with the calm atmosphere we try to create around bedtime.  But this prayer is often the most exciting and heartfelt of the day and is met with a resounding “AMEN!” from Sam!

As a parent I am entering a really exciting time where my son is learning new things everyday, and his hunger and thirst for learning is unquenchable!!  (wherever you read the word exciting you can also read tiring…..)  But the most exciting thing for me is his excitement about the things of God.  That he gets excited to say AMEN at the end of the prayer, that he runs over to his book shelf saying “bible, bible!” and picks out the right book, that he will read the nativity story over and over again pointing out baby Jesus, that he loves his Noah’s ark toy and tries to always find “Noey” are all signs to me of a heart that is open and hungry for his creator.  

I am now starting to be purposeful in teaching him about these things, in trying to see it all from his eyes and share in the wonder with him.  My most exciting purchase this week for future Sam is a Noah’s Ark Shrinkles set, where you can make all the animals to go on the ark!!!  On my Christmas list this year are books and resources that will help me to teach him about our wonderful God, awesome Creator and humble Saviour.  And I think that this is the gift of being a parent, that it lets you see things once again through those innocent and excited eyes of a child, for it says in the bible:

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” Matt:18:3

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