Everything is a duck…..

So my son is the stage where he is just starting to be able to communicate with us, but sometimes it feels like he has his own little language!  Recently he learnt the word “duck” and he gets very excited about using it.  Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of a duck being a type of bird and not a word for every bird!

This is very endearing and cute, but when he points to a swan and shouts “duck!” you do get some funny looks!  As always, this got me thinking about God and how He sees us. I am sure there are concepts that are really simple to God which we just don’t get.  Here are a few that came to mind:

  • the trinity
  • heaven and hell
  • mind/body/soul/spirit
Perhaps He looks down on us trying to grapple with what seem like these huge things to us but in reality to God they are really simple.  I am sat here trying to get my head round how God can be three separate beings but the same all at once and its like I am pointing to a blackbird and shouting “DUCK!” and God is just smiling down at my enthusiasm, even if I haven’t quite got it right.  
We will understand in time, just as Sam will learn that a duck is a type of bird, not all birds, but that probably won’t be until we get to heaven.  So I guess God will just have to enjoy the comedy of us metaphorically shouting duck at random birds for a little bit longer….

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