Anniversaries – a time to reflect

So yesterday me and my husband celebrated 6 years of being married in a very extravagant way – we had an afternoon without the baby!!!  I love these times though, when we get time alone together and can just chat about our hopes, dreams, successes and failures and re-evaluate things for the year ahead.

We have sort of started a tradition of talking about this over dinner on our anniversary.  Last year we wanted to see ourselves grow and develop in our new church, we wanted to have moved to Doncaster and we wanted to have started some great new relationships with people there.  And looking back now we have succeeded in that!!  We are now living just outside of Doncaster, we have started leading the most amazing lifegroup in our church where we have been able to grow some great relationships, and we are settled.  It has been a tough year, and we knew it would be as it was a year of transition, but now we are sat at the start of a new year for us as a couple with some exciting dreams for what comes next.
I am not going to share those dreams with you, although some of our close friends may have already heard about them.  They are the dreams that we treasure in our hearts as a couple and share only with God and those we trust.  But we see this as a year of foundation building, of completing the preparation work and cementing some crucial relationships ready for the next exciting steps in our lives.  We are enjoying putting our roots down and getting ready for the growth and storms ahead that as a family we will need to weather.  
On a personal note, I shared with Rob that I would love for my blog to be even bigger and better next year, not for selfish reasons but so that it can touch the lives of even more people.  Whether that be through an encouraging testimony from my life, a thought I have had, an example or idea that people can use in their own mission or just a funny story about my toddler that makes people laugh, I want to make a difference to more people.  So if this blog does any of that for you, please share it with your friends.
Finally, I just want to ask if you use your anniversaries in a similar way? Do you have joint dreams with your partner for each other and for your family?  If so then why not use this annual event to reflect, to pray and to plan for the year ahead.  It has been such an amazing thing to do the last few years and I hope that we will continue this tradition into the future.

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