advent happy mail

Advent Happy Mail

Here's an exciting advent idea for you!  Every day in advent, send a letter.  In this digital era, lets take this advent to get back to writing and encouraging others through it.  Just download your advent happy mail poster below, and everyday cross off one person from it.  You could even change some of the [...]

free nativity treasure hunt

FREE Nativity Treasure Hunt

Last year I was involved in running a nativity themed treasure hunt at our estate Christmas event.  I wanted to add some fun for the kids, but also bring in the real characters of Christmas.  The idea was really simple.  Give each child an envelope and hide the nativity characters around the estate (I provided [...]

candy cane bombing

Candy Cane Bombing!

So I am feeling rather festive at the moment after weeks of preparing everything at work and now the decorations have gone up at home.  It got me thinking about how I am going to bless those around me this year.  I have done numerous things in the past - leaving secret hampers for neighbours, [...]

Pop your bubble

Today I started reading "Unlocking the door" - one of my new Christmas books that I mentioned in my new year post.  And the introduction alone both saddened and moved me.  It said that the majority of Christians have few close friends outside of their church circles. Let that sink in Few close friends outside [...]

Beautiful Mission

Last week I heard God nudging me, telling me to step out of my comfort zone and to step up and share something at the Shine conference that is happening in December.  I did the classic thing of ignoring it - thinking it was just my paranoid subconscious and that it would be a stupid [...]