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Mum on a Mission Reviews Kent-Made Signs

Who doesn't love a customised gift?  Something a little more personal and unique than anything you can find in the shops.  Well I for one do, and I want to share with you a lovely website that I came across which has some really special things and what I love about them - KENT-MADE. fun [...]

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“Hide and Seek” Step-by-Step Bible Page

I love journaling through my bible, especially using the verses we are studying in our Mummy Meditations group.  It really helps me to remember the key messages and to reflect on what I have learnt, as well as being super fun.  So this is the first in a series of step-by-step posts showing how I [...]

2018 Family Bucket List

Do you ever sit down and think about what adventures you'd like to do with your kids?  Rather than just doing the same old thing, and with all the shiny possibilities of 2018 looming bright ahead of us, I thought I would put together a bucket list of things that I'd love to do with [...]

greatest showman

How The Greatest Showman Moved Me

Last week, in the midst of putting offers in on a new house, me and my hubby went out for a well needed date night.  As we really needed a break from talking (that's all we'd done all week and the stress of house decisions was really getting to us) we decided to go to [...]

steps in wellies in the mud

Getting In More Steps

This January I have taken on the "Party Hard, Train Harder" challenge from Teenage Cancer Trust, and set myself the target of doing 10,000 steps a day.  It's talked about a lot as a good goal to have for a healthy lifestyle so I figured it would be the first step on a journey to [...]

advent happy mail

Advent Happy Mail

Here's an exciting advent idea for you!  Every day in advent, send a letter.  In this digital era, lets take this advent to get back to writing and encouraging others through it.  Just download your advent happy mail poster below, and everyday cross off one person from it.  You could even change some of the [...]