Sharing our joy

 I think that I am a bit of an odd mum.  Even when Sam was only little, I was quite happy to let others hold him and enjoy him - I think I was more worried that he would annoy them than that he would get upset to not be with mummy!  I am not [...]

The many many voices

A poem from the heart of someone struggling to decide...   There are many many voices Going round inside my head Maybe yours is one of them With something you did or said   One of them says "cereal is right" The other says "wholemeal toast is the best" Yet another says "probiotic yoghurt Will [...]

I am a horrible mother!

As I sit here eating my son's milkybar buttons that I sneaked from his chocolate tin, deciding what healthy dinner to give him whilst knowing I will be eating pizza after he's gone to bed, and feeling relieved that I have a few minutes to myself, I had the sudden realisation that I am a [...]

Treasure in little boxes

We all like getting parcels in the mail, right?! So today I wanted to share with you a brand new project that I have just come across that will give your child one of the best things in the mail ever - a better understanding of the bible!  The Treasure Box People are a new [...]

Memories of Christmas

What are your memories of Christmas?  My most memorable Christmas presents over the years have been a dolls house, a netball post (I sucked at netball but I always gave it a try!), a walkman and most recently a vacuum cleaner (I know, I really do get some exciting presents, but when you are first [...]