2018 plans and prayers

2018 – Plans and Prayers

So you may have already read my highlights and praise points from 2017 (if not do head over and check them out!).  It is at this time of year that I also look over my plans for the year ahead and start thinking about what I am going to prayer for the year.  Here is [...]

free nativity treasure hunt

FREE Nativity Treasure Hunt

Last year I was involved in running a nativity themed treasure hunt at our estate Christmas event.  I wanted to add some fun for the kids, but also bring in the real characters of Christmas.  The idea was really simple.  Give each child an envelope and hide the nativity characters around the estate (I provided [...]

Pins that you’ll love

So I have been dabbling in pinterest the last few months to rustle up some great bible based activities for toddlers and kids.  Here are my favourites at the moment, but be sure to follow me on pinterest to get even more ideas!   www.pinterest.com/rrmumonamission/   Memory Verses using blocks A simple and easy exercise [...]

Torn in two directions

Do you ever feel as a mum you are torn in more than one direction?  Perhaps you know the quandary of the working mum, who has to split her time between work and her children.  Or maybe you struggle to spend time with each child and still have some left for your husband at the [...]