free nativity treasure hunt

FREE Nativity Treasure Hunt

Last year I was involved in running a nativity themed treasure hunt at our estate Christmas event.  I wanted to add some fun for the kids, but also bring in the real characters of Christmas.  The idea was really simple.  Give each child an envelope and hide the nativity characters around the estate (I provided [...]

Mentors in motherhood

This week in my Christian Leadership Academy course at church we were talking all about integrity and how having a mentor or accountability partner is a great thing as it forces you to make those decisions that you do really want to make but don't have the will power to do on your own!  I [...]

Torn in two directions

Do you ever feel as a mum you are torn in more than one direction?  Perhaps you know the quandary of the working mum, who has to split her time between work and her children.  Or maybe you struggle to spend time with each child and still have some left for your husband at the [...]

Sharing our joy

 I think that I am a bit of an odd mum.  Even when Sam was only little, I was quite happy to let others hold him and enjoy him - I think I was more worried that he would annoy them than that he would get upset to not be with mummy!  I am not [...]

love ran red

"At the cross, at the cross I surrender my life I'm in awe of you, I'm in awe of you Where your love ran red And my sin washed white I owe all to you, I owe all to you"   Love Ran Red is the new(ish) album from Christian singer and songwriter Chris Tomlin. [...]

The many many voices

A poem from the heart of someone struggling to decide...   There are many many voices Going round inside my head Maybe yours is one of them With something you did or said   One of them says "cereal is right" The other says "wholemeal toast is the best" Yet another says "probiotic yoghurt Will [...]