silver cross pendant in crossify box

Mum on a Mission reviews Crossify

mum on a mission reviews crossify

I got invited to review a brand new cross pendant by the lovely people at Crossify.  Now I could just write you a bog standard review, because their jewellery really is lovely, but I wanted to do more than that.  I wanted to share with you why having a cross pendant is important to me and what it means.

what does the cross mean to you?

Do you see a nice piece of jewellery? A fashion statement? Maybe you see a religious relic? Or perhaps you see an instrument of torture from the past which is now being used again by terrorist groups such as ISIS? My pastor asked this question last Sunday Morning.
I was sat nicely in my seat enjoying the music and singing on a calm Sunday morning, and BAM! This question came at me. You see it’s all very nice having a cross necklace, but is it just something I wear once in a while because it looks nice, or does it have a meaning more than that? Because if it is a fashion statement then it is a pretty strange one!

What do I see when I see the cross?

I see my Saviour Jesus giving up his life on one.  I see him making a choice to do so (he could have said a million things to get out of it, but he didn’t). I see him making the choice of pain and suffering because that was how much we wanted me to be in eternity with him. That is how much he loved me.  When I see the cross I see my sins washed clean. When I see the cross I see new life, not death anymore.

I choose to wear my cross close to my heart, so that I am always reminded of the new life I have, but also of the cost that came at:

When I see that cross I see freedom, when I see that grave I see Jesus, from death to life I will sing you praise in the wonder of your grace

silver cross pendant in crossify boxWhy choose crossify?

If the cross is that important to us as Christians, then choosing a cross should be a reasonably important task!   I would highly recommend using Crossify.  The cross that I was sent was beautiful, well presented and great quality.  The staff were friendly and helpful whenever I dealt with them.  Chains are sold separately on their website to the pendents so that you can choose the right one for you.  Their range is increasing everyday, so do check their website out if you are looking for a cross for yourself or as a gift.

PLUS!  As an added gift to my very special blog readers, Crossify have given a discount code to get 10% off all orders by using “vip2016” at the checkout.  Enjoy!

selfie with cross pendant

Disclosure: I was sent a free cross pendant to honestly review as part of this blog post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.