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July Inspiration

It's (almost!) the summer holidays!  So to start off this sunny and restful few weeks for you all (ahem, that may be a lie.....) here are some links and lovely things I have found this month: How a 9 year old started a food revolution - an amazing story of how one little girl has [...]

How to use your Fruit of the Spirit

another week of shock This week I was dealt another shock announcement.  I drove home from nursery to more film cameras on my estate, voicemail messages from ITV and a confused look on my face.  Four hours later I had a hand delivered letter in my letterbox and a radio presenter on my doorstep.  HS2 [...]

Mummy Meditations – Faithfulness Week 4

  Our final look at faithfulness takes us into the book of Proverbs this week (for last weeks post visit Naomi's blog here).  I for one was definitely hoping that it would provide some wisdom as to how we could grow in faithfulness and really start to emulate God's faithfulness to us that we have [...]

prompt 28

What is #Prompt28 all about?

I am sucker for a digital campaign that aims to try to connect me with God or the community more (you will already know how much I love 40 acts each lent!).  So when I heard about Prompt 28 I was very intrigued.  I signed up straight away with only a few days before it [...]

monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

June Monthly Inspiration

Are you ready for me to knock your socks off with the latest links and inspiration?!  Then don't stop here, check out my monthly faves list below.... - How pretty is this?!!!  It may only be available for pre-order and released in October 2017, but I say why not start planning your Christmas list early. [...]

whatsapp with God

Lets start a Whatsapp with God…

Technology.  Whether you love it or hate it, it is here to stay.  And I for one chose to embrace it and see how it can improve my walk with God as much as possible.  Recently I was challenged in my prayer life.  I was one of those people who would regularly say "Oh I'll [...]