Joy’s Journey 2017

Welcome to Joy’s Journey 2017!  Please watch the video below:


I am so excited to hear that you are now part of Joy’ Journey 2017.  Why not post a selfie of you and joy on my facebook page, or email to, so that I know she has been safely received ? (you can tag me on twitter or instagram using @ace_rach and the hastag #joysjourney2017)

What do I do now?

Please take some time to read the following posts and bible verses on joy.  I hope that they speak to your heart and soul and deepen your understanding of joy.  Please know that I am praying for every person who receive Joy, and that includes you:

Feel free to search for your own verse on joy too.  After you have read these and meditated on them, please complete a page (or two!) in Joy’s passport book.  This is your space to write a bit about your own story and what you have learnt.  You can write, paint, draw scrapbook.  Whatever you want to do.

Once you have finished your entry in the book, please take some time to pray about who to pass Joy on to.  It could be someone local that you can hand the parcel to, or maybe someone in the UK that you can post her on to.  When you have decided on who to give her to, write that person a letter about why you have chosen then and buy them a little gift to bless them.  Wrap Joy, her passport, your letter and gift up and send her on (why not post a selfie of you at the post office saying goodbye?!).

I hope you will enjoy being part of Joy’s Journey during 2017. Rachel x

Checklist for joy’s journey 2017!

  1. Post a selfie to show you have received joy
  2. Read the blog posts and bible verses linked above
  3. Meditate and ponder on those verses
  4. Complete a page in Joy’s passport book
  5. Pray about who to send Joy to next
  6. Write a letter and buy a small present to send to the next person
  7. Say bye to Joy and send her on her journey!
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