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June Monthly Inspiration

Are you ready for me to knock your socks off with the latest links and inspiration?!  Then don't stop here, check out my monthly faves list below.... - How pretty is this?!!!  It may only be available for pre-order and released in October 2017, but I say why not start planning your Christmas list early. [...]

authentic blog post

Being Authentic

I am going to be authentic. That is my promise to you all. Would I like to have a higher number of webpage views, shares, comments, unique viewers - of course!  But am I going to spend my time being fake, scrounging to get views or promoting in ways that will bring the wrong sort [...]

Inconvenient parts of the nativity story

Christmas is only two days away and I am sure you have had your fill of nativity plays and the like.  The sort that have cute children playing a serene Mary and Joseph, shepherds with tea towels on their heads and girly angels with frilly dresses and wings.   Well I am sorry to break [...]

Candy Cane Bombing!

So I am feeling rather festive at the moment after weeks of preparing everything at work and now the decorations have gone up at home.  It got me thinking about how I am going to bless those around me this year.  I have done numerous things in the past - leaving secret hampers for neighbours, [...]