Inspirational Stories – what is yours?

So this week I was featured on Emma Reed's "Inspirational Stories" series (you can read it here).  It was a real honour to be able to share a bit of my story with a new audience.  But it got me doubting as to whether I really am an inspirational person, or am I just something [...]

Mum on a Mission VS the Train – Episode 5

So the update this week is that there is no update.  We are still sat in limbo, waiting for the Secretary of State for transport (Chris Grayling) to make his decision about the route for phase 2 of HS2.  The word on the street is that this will be announced on the 22nd November, but [...]

Mum on a Mission VS the train – episode 4

I am exhausted!It has been a full on week of HS2 related activity this week, and it has been both exciting and tiring.  Started off on Monday with a planning meeting with our action group, putting together everything we needed to do for a public meeting with the council later in the week.  This was [...]

Mum on a Mission vs the Train – episode 3

Episode 3Sometimes you have to accept that God knows better than you.  At least that is what I have been trying to do given my latest meditation verse (check out my mummy meditation post from this week).  Easier said than done in some situations, especially when so much is at stake.  How can I just [...]

Mum on a Mission vs the train – Episode 2

Episode 2Everything has changed.  But also nothing has changed.Life goes on as normal, but also it doesn't and it can'tI am living with two possible futures in my head and have no way of knowing which might happen.  And it is driving me a little bit insane.This week I reached my breaking point once again. [...]

Mum on a mission vs the train: Episode 1

Episode 1Why can human life always be devalued to just an amount of money?  Animals are irreplaceable, habitats can't be destroyed as it would have lasting damage, but human communities are worthless and can easily be recreated elsewhere.  Well that's according to HS2 and our government.  Our fragile, fledgling community on our brand new estate [...]