Strengthen my feeble hands

"I am going to die in this house!" Those were my first words when we moved into our current home.  Such was the stress of moving house and the relief of finally being in, that all I could think in that moment was that I never ever wanted to do it again. And yet here [...]

2018 plans and prayers

2018 – Plans and Prayers

So you may have already read my highlights and praise points from 2017 (if not do head over and check them out!).  It is at this time of year that I also look over my plans for the year ahead and start thinking about what I am going to prayer for the year.  Here is [...]

pray more worry less

Pray More, Worry Less

"Pray more, worry less" has kind of become my mantra recently.  Since the stress of HS2 news dropping on me last July, I have been slowly sinking in a sea of anxiety and stress.  I had been feeling overwhelmed to the point that is was physically affecting me.  I had constant headaches, normally dull enough [...]

tiny prayer in planner

A tiny little prayer….

Last week I prayed a tiny little prayer. It was half finished. It was rushed. But my heart was in it.  My desire was felt through it. And God answered. This tiny little prayer, when I looked back in my planner, reminded me of how much of prayer is about aligning our hearts with God. [...]