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Being a Christian Mum at the School Gate

For the last few weeks I have been wondering how best to use the opportunity of being a mum at the school gate to share the love of Jesus.  I don't want to be a weird mum who stands in the playground and preaches, but I also don't want people to be completely unaware of [...]

school sign

Nursery Mum to School Mum

Last month my eldest child started school (and when I say school, I mean full time reception/FS2, not nursery school!).  And I have to admit that it has been more of a struggle for me than I initially bargained for. My son is very outgoing and adapts well to change - you have to when [...]

a cup of tea with cathy thomson

A Cuppa With Cathy Thomson

I got the chance to catch up with Premier Digitals "Up and Coming" award winning blogger Cathy Thomson from Gospel Centred Parenting!  I can't wait to share our conversation with you all, so make sure you have your cuppa and find a nice snuggly corner for 10 minutes.... It's really nice to meet you - [...]

Choosing a school – am I a proper mum now!

The letter arrived last week - a slightly more exciting letter than others I have received lately!  The one where they say your little baby son (or daughter) is now old enough to apply for a place at school.  A place in Reception Class.  I am filled with a mixture of excitement that my son [...]