How to use your Fruit of the Spirit

another week of shock This week I was dealt another shock announcement.  I drove home from nursery to more film cameras on my estate, voicemail messages from ITV and a confused look on my face.  Four hours later I had a hand delivered letter in my letterbox and a radio presenter on my doorstep.  HS2 [...]

Mummy Meditations – Faithfulness Week 4

  Our final look at faithfulness takes us into the book of Proverbs this week (for last weeks post visit Naomi's blog here).  I for one was definitely hoping that it would provide some wisdom as to how we could grow in faithfulness and really start to emulate God's faithfulness to us that we have [...]

fruit of the spirit goodness

Mummy Meditations – Goodness Week 4

Welcome to our final week looking at spiritual fruit of goodness, and what a refreshing month it has been.  We have spoken about good gifts, good deed, good fruit and this week we are talking about where our goodness is stored.  Hop over to Naomi's blog first if you missed last week's post and catch up! [...]

spiritual fruit of gentleness

Mummy Meditations – Gentleness (Week 2)

  We are now well on our way into our month looking at gentleness. Naomi has written up this weeks summary post so head over there to read it. If you would like to join our online community to discuss each week's verse more and get ideas on how to dig deeper with your families [...]