Mary (week 1) – Who does God say she is?

December is now officially upon us and we have launched fully into the season of Advent.  So it is only right that at Mummy Meditations we acknowledge that!!  So we have decided to follow the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, throughout this season and in to the New Year.  Our first verse of [...]

Sarah Week 5 – Laughing all the way

Sarah Week 5 Good afternoon Mummy Meditators! We are nearing the final stretch of our time with Sarah.  And what a journey it has been so far.  Things are starting to near completion and we see God step in to remind Sarah and Abraham of the promises He made to them.  Last week He gave [...]

How to use your Fruit of the Spirit

another week of shock This week I was dealt another shock announcement.  I drove home from nursery to more film cameras on my estate, voicemail messages from ITV and a confused look on my face.  Four hours later I had a hand delivered letter in my letterbox and a radio presenter on my doorstep.  HS2 [...]