prompt 28

What is #Prompt28 all about?

I am sucker for a digital campaign that aims to try to connect me with God or the community more (you will already know how much I love 40 acts each lent!).  So when I heard about Prompt 28 I was very intrigued.  I signed up straight away with only a few days before it [...]

Feeding 5000 – almost at 4%

Four per cent.  That sounds like nothing.  And as we near that figure for how many out of 5000 we have fed in our house, it sounds minuscule, it sounds small, it sounds insignificant.  But in fact it is almost 200 different people.  200 different lives, 200 different stories, 200 different beings all loved by [...]

love ran red

"At the cross, at the cross I surrender my life I'm in awe of you, I'm in awe of you Where your love ran red And my sin washed white I owe all to you, I owe all to you"   Love Ran Red is the new(ish) album from Christian singer and songwriter Chris Tomlin. [...]

Love is….

So this will be a very "short but sweet" kind of post today.  I was clearing out some things that my mum had given me from my old bedroom and came across a journal that I had kept the first summer I started going out with my now husband.  We had only been together a [...]