2016 – highlights and praise points

I was going to call this post "the good, the bad and the ugly" but after seeing a flashback to 2014 where I spoke about my praise points of the year I decided to ditch the negativity and chose to praise God for all that has happened this year.  Yes, 2016 has been a crazy [...]

FLASHBACK – Catalyst

CatalystThis was a word that God gave me in 2014.  It was clearly revealed that I wasn't to be someone who just sat back and let life happen, but that I was someone who stepped out and brought about change.  At the end of 2014 I wrote a nice post saying how I had got [...]

Memories of Christmas

What are your memories of Christmas?  My most memorable Christmas presents over the years have been a dolls house, a netball post (I sucked at netball but I always gave it a try!), a walkman and most recently a vacuum cleaner (I know, I really do get some exciting presents, but when you are first [...]

Love is….

So this will be a very "short but sweet" kind of post today.  I was clearing out some things that my mum had given me from my old bedroom and came across a journal that I had kept the first summer I started going out with my now husband.  We had only been together a [...]