stickers on page

“Hide and Seek” Step-by-Step Bible Page

I love journaling through my bible, especially using the verses we are studying in our Mummy Meditations group.  It really helps me to remember the key messages and to reflect on what I have learnt, as well as being super fun.  So this is the first in a series of step-by-step posts showing how I have created some of my pages in my journaling bible.  If you enjoy it then check out the rest of my bible journaling posts here.

Step 1

The first thing I did was to prepare my page with two layers of gesso.  I knew I had lots of inking and embossing planned, so needed to protect the pages.  I then masked off the key verse (Genesis 16:13) using thin washi tape so that I could peel it back later to reveal it.  I put a bit of scrap paper under the page I was working on so that nothing went through to the next pages.

masking page

step 2

My next step was to create a background to work on, so I used purple ink.  I would normally use watercolours, but found this in my craft box and thought I’d give it a try!  I just turned it upside down and twisted it around on the page until I had covered most of the area.  It made a nice twisty pattern in some areas.

ink on bible page

step 3

Next I wanted to add a bit of texture and deepen the background, so I chose to add some purple embossing to the left hand side of the page.  I turned my embossing ink pad over and just dabbed it in a few places up the side before sprinkling on the embossing powder, shaking off the excess and heating.

purple embossing powder

step 4

I wanted to highlight the chosen verse some more, so I dabbed some more embossing ink around the area that I had masked off with washi tape.  I then peeled off the washi tape before sprinkling some “enchanted gold” powder on the area, shaking off (using a dry paint brush to make sure there was none over my chosen verse) and heating.

gold embossing powdergold embossing on bible

step 5

Next I started to add the detail to this page.  The theme that I decided to go for was “hide and seek” – picking up on the fact that Hagar fled from Sarai.  I used this lovely gold glittery stickers that I picked up from Home Bargains.

stickers on page

step 6

I added on a pair of hands that I had cut out from pink paper and glued them down at the wrists so that they could be flapped open.

hands added to pageflapping hands
step 7

Next I added the word seek in lettering using a black sharpie (this was because the page was quite shiny after embossing so needed a permanent marker to stay put).  I also made a little envelope which contains the words the angel of the Lord said to Hagar and stuck it to one of the hands at the bottom.

seek added to page

step 8

I added some final embellishments including a washi tape arrow and ampersand sticker.  I then put a bible tab in the same colour theme to mark the page, as well as a secret message behind the to hands…..

stickers on pagebible tab

secret hands


There you have it!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk through of how I created this page.  As I mentioned, this is the verse that I will be meditating on over the coming week in my mummy meditations group, so come and join us if you want to!

hannah dunnett NIV journaling bible

Mum on a Mission Reviews Hannah Dunnett Journaling Bible

hannah dunnett NIV journaling bible

I am so excited to say that I have been sent a copy of the new Hannah Dunnett journaling bible by Hodder and Stoughton to review for you all.  Ever since my lovely friend Jo introduced me to Hannah’s Christian artwork I have been in love with it.  The way that the pictures and words flow together is just beautiful, and really helps to draw out the meaning of the verses she uses.

You might remember that one of my favourite Christmas gifts from last year was a Hannah Dunnett print for my hallway, and that as soon as it was announced they were making a Hannah Dunnett journaling bible back in June it was on my wishlist!!

what is it like???

front cover of hannah dunnett bibleMy first reaction when I received the bible was just “how beautiful is this!!”.  There had been some mutterings in the bible jouraling world that it didn’t live up to expectations, but I absolutely love it!  Now it is quite a chunky bible, as the is not the smallest and the margins are left wide for plenty of drawing space, but it is really beautiful.  The cover featuring Hannah’s artwork is inspiring and something that I want to carry around with me and show off.  I imagine it would invite people to ask what it was if you left it on a coffee table.

As well as being really pretty, the cover is hard so will nicely protect your bible (and any artwork inside) from being damaged.  There is an elastic strap to keep the pages together (handy if you like to slot extra bits in) and inside the front and back covers and more lovely examples of Hannah’s artwork.

format inside

blank page in hannah dunnett bibleInside you will find one column of text next to a blank wide margin.  This is ideal for the more seasoned bible journaler who is happy to be free with their art.  After having my blue polka dot NIV journaling bible for over a year now, I can see how the single column of text is going to be beneficial to me and not having lines will be helpful too, as I draw more than I write notes.  But this is personal preference. The pages are reasonably thick, but will still need a good coat of gesso if you don’t want paint and pen to show through.

The nice touch to this bible is that scattered throughout are glossy pages with more of Hannah’s artwork which will hopefully inspire and encourage you as you are reading.

artwork in hannah dunnett bible

taking it for a test drive

As part of my Mummy Meditations series I have been looking a Mary, the mother of Jesus, so I thought it would be good to try out some journaling techniques in the Hannah Dunnett Bible and see how it went.  To put it to the test I used:

  • clear gesso
  • watercolour paints
  • felt tip pens
  • gold embossing powder
  • glue and heavy embellishments
  • washi tape

I thought this would be a fair test as to how well the pages and space coped with a variety of bible journaling techniques.  I have to say that it did very well.

Whenever I use gesso on pages, I always find that they wrinkle up a bit, so I was pleased to find that this wasn’t too much of an issue with the Hannah Dunnett bible.  The pages are reasonably thick for a bible and so they coped well with the gesso and having a heat gun fired at it!  The gesso worked well too, as there was minimal ink and paint coming through on the other side of the page.  The only thing you can see slightly is the black felt tip pen.

finished page in Hannah dunnett bible

As the pages are quite thick, the washi tape and heavy embellishments haven’t torn the pages or weighed them down too much either.  The embossing powder stuck nicely to the pages and haven’t shown through to the other side.  I am very impressed with the way that the pages have coped with all of these journaling techniques.

what’s the verdict

I have actually fallen in love with this bible.  I love the lay out of the pages, with the blank columns at the side of only one column of text.  I love the beautiful design of the front cover and the sturdy hardcover that is has.  I love the images and pictures supplied by Hannah Dunnet which are scattered through the bible, offering little glimpses of inspiration.

I think this is a bible for a reasonably serious bible journaller who appreciates and admires Hannah’s artwork.  And for the price of only £29.99 it is actually quite reasonably for a bible of it’s size and quality.  You can purchase your own copy here.


NOTE: I was sent a copy of the Hannah Dunnett Journaling Bible for free by Hodder Faith for the purposes of reviewing it.  However, all opinions are my own.  



christian lettering co

Mum on a Mission Reviews the Christian Lettering Co.

christian lettering co

I am in love with Bible Journaling.  The whole process of being creative inside my bible to document my learning and journey of faith, whilst also worshiping my God creatively, is exciting!  I have been bible journaling for over a year now, and I like to think I have moved on from novice to amateur!!!  I am still always on the look our for great resources, especially ones available in the UK, to inspire and encourage more people to have a go and to help us be creative.

This was how I came across the Christian Lettering Co, and they graciously agreed to send me one of the Starter Kits to try out.  (If you missed my facebook live where I open the parcel they sent then catch it here)  Included in the starter kit you will find:

  • A bible journal notebook – a brown cover with hand lettering on the front, this blank paged book is the perfect place to start doodling and having a go.  The pages are really thick so perfect for being creative on (bible pages are often really thin so harder to paint and colour on).  I love the leaf design on it too – this would make a lovely gift. bible journal
  • Two pencils – just to get you started!
  • A study guide – A lovely printed step by step guide on how to get started bible journaling.  This is perfect for beginners, and even includes a suggested 31 day bible reading plan.  bible journaling study guide
  • Stickers and bookmarks – These lovely little stickers in blues and greys will add to any page you are working on (see my attempt at the end of this post).  Beautifully hand lettered and easy to use.  I also LOVE this bookmark – so simple and yet so beautiful.  You could keep this or pop it in a card for someones birthday as a little treat. stickers and bookmark
  • Paper Clips –  Really helpful for marking the pages you have journaled in, these paper clips come with really pretty ribbon in the same blue and grey tones as the stickers.  Really simple to use but will look awesome sticking out the top of your bible. paper clips
  • Postcards and scripture cards – You can use these beautiful designed little cards as tip ins to your bible, to write prayers on or encouragements or you could actually send one as a postcard to someone!  Really lovely designs, I am going to experiment using them to make shakers in my bible with my bible journaling group at church next month.scripture cards
  • Book tabs – These are super useful if you want to mark specific books of the bible or pages that you have decorated (see my attempt at the bottom), and I love that the colours all fit together.  These fold in the middle making them easier to glue into your bible as they stick on both sides of the page. bible tabs

So there you have it – that is everything you get in the starter kit.  Not bad (in my humble opinion!) for the price of £14.50.  You can buy the starter kit from the Christian Lettering Co website, and it comes in three designs:

If you didn’t want to buy the full kit, but wanted the separate items then these are all available too on the Christian Lettering Co website.

And the bit you’ve all been waiting for – here is my bible page that I made using some of the items supplied and inspired by the colours in the Joyful Starter Kit. bible journaling page

Note: I was sent a free Starter Kit from the Christian Lettering Co to review, but all opinions are my own. 


Bible Journaling Goodies from God at My House

Last year I bought myself a lovely new bible and started a “journey into bible journaling“.  I had never heard of it before then, but the idea of creating art as a response to God’s word thrilled me and I was intrigued.  I have dabbled over the last year, struggling to find time and not having the money to spend on supplies.  But the more I do it, the more I love it, and today I want to share with you a fantastic website with affordable materials to get your started doing some bible journaling.

parcel from God at my house

I was very excited to get in touch with Rachel from God at My House.  I had just sent some links to my hubby for some of her products for inspiration for my birthday (does anyone else do that?!) and thought I would ask if I could review some things and share with you, my readers.  Rachel happily agreed and I received this beautifully wrapped parcel a few days later.

Inside the lovely blue tissue paper were three special items.

I shall talk through each item and show you how I have used them in my bible journaling so far.

Bible journaling tabs

bible tabsAt only £2 for a pack of 14, these are a bargain and a definite must have!  There are two different styles on the website, colour pop and dreamy.  I got sent the dreamy ones which are in lovely pastel colours and patterns.  There are a few ways in which you can use these.  Some people like to tab all the books in their bible so they can find them easier.  Normally this is done will the tabs sticking out the side of the bible.  You can use these for this and write the book names on yourself, attaching the tabs with washi tape.

Alternatively you could use them to mark up special passages or pages where you have done artwork.  You might want to put the tabs along the top of your bible if you are doing this so you know it is different.  Again, just attached them to the top of the page using washi tape or glue.

Finally, you could use this in a scrapbook kind of way and stick on a page in your bible.  Be as creative as you want!  Here is what I did with mine:

bible tab in bible

Bible journaling cards

bible journaling cardsThese lovely little cards are printed on really good quality card stock and are another bargain at only £4 for 14 of them.  They are ideal for writing prayer requests of thoughts as you go through your bible.  Perhaps you are not in a really creative mood but you still want to mark a part of a passage, then you could put one of these cards in as a reminder for another day.  There are lots of different designs in the pack (no two are the same).

Here is an example of how you could use them:

card in bible

Pray more (worry less) journal

pray more worry less journalPerhaps the idea of drawing in your bible isn’t for you, but you still want to be creative in your time with God.  Then this journal would be ideal.  It is filled with blank white paper just ready for you to pour out your worship on to.  You could also use it as a prayer journal to document your prayer requests (and answers!)

These would make excellent gifts, perhaps for baptisms or other special occasions.  This is one of many designs that are only £5.50 on the website.  Why not treat yourself or a friend to a special gift.

Journey into Bible Journaling – Mum on a mission tries to draw

So a few weeks/months ago I bought myself a journaling bible and got stuck into trying out a new creative skill – bible journaling.  I wanted to try and share my journey with you all, so here are a few photos of pages and verse I have been working on:


I have really enjoyed playing with different materials and methods and just being really creative with it all!  I have really found that I am enjoying reading the bible more now and that I feel more connected to God as I outwork my worship in this way.  Will share more later – do share any pages you have been working on. 


Mum on a Mission – Inspiration for June!

Here is a run down of what have I been reading and watching online this month:

Finally I will leave you with the awesome poem that another mum shared with me this week – it made me chuckle!!

A journey into Bible Journaling

One of my 30 before 30 tasks is to learn a new creative skill/craft, and I have chosen one that will also benefit my relationship with God.  Bible Journaling.  Now, it sounds pretty simple, and in essence it is, but then when you google it and see what some people have been able to create in their bible’s it can be a bit daunting.

Bible journaling isn’t just writing stuff in your bible, but using your creative side to express what a verse or passage means to you.  It gives you permission to draw, paint, doodle, scrapbook, whatever, INSIDE your bible (something that feels really wrong when you start off!) and to personalise it to your relationship with God and expression of worship to Him.  And to me that is the most important thing to remember.

Bible journaling isn’t for anyone else.  It isn’t for your instagram fans to say how amazing your painting is, although sharing some of your best work might inspire others.  It is for you to enjoy doing with God and for God to enjoy the development and growth of your gift and love for Him through it.  So it doesn’t matter if it looks amazing, or if you make a teeny tiny mistake, as long as you love it and it means something to you!  

As I start this exciting journey into developing a new skill and using my creative side more to connect with God (something I am really passionate about – read my previous posts – in the beginning God what? and achings of a creative heart) I invite you too to join me.  I am going to try to post some of my bible journaling art that I produce and the process in producing it.  Why not join me and post it on my facebook page – I might even feature some of your photos in future posts!!  I am not an artist, I just have a creative heart and want to use it to the glory of God.

If you want to join in, here are some great links to get started with:

  • Sara laughs – a great simple break down on how to get started with bible journaling.  I love the steps she breaks it down in to so that it feels achievable.
  • thinking closet – this is a great round up on some questions you might have to get started too, like what materials to use, where to get a journaling bible, etc. Plus there are lots of great pictures to give you inspiration!
  • Shanna Noel – have a flick through her blog for some different takes on bible journaling and ideas for what you might like to do.

In the beginning God what????

I’ve heard people preach on the first chapter of the bible (Genesis 1:1) “In the beginning God” and stop right there. They stress that God was there in the beginning, on His own, and that is the most important thing to remember about before the world began. But I beg to disagree.

If we add just one more word from that sentence we get “In the beginning God created”. Surely this is the most important sentence in the bible. Without it nothing else would have happened and it would just be God sitting on His own twiddling His thumbs. If we just have “In the beginning God” then none of us exist. If we just have “In the beginning God” then I wouldn’t be sat here typing this. But luckily for me and you, the sentence goes on and says “In the beginning God created”.

And for me that is crucial. It speaks of God’s greatest purpose and burning desire. It wasn’t to preach to the open space, to play football or watch TV. It was to create! And some may say he was lonely and wanted to create humans, but if that was the case wouldn’t he have created them first and be done with it? No, so great is the pure desire to create, that God makes many different and amazing things. First the heavens and the earth. Then light, followed by the seas, land, vegetation, stars and other living creatures.

Sometimes when I contemplate church and christianity I think we have lost the heart of our creator. We have set guidelines and cultures that restrict our creativity. Yes there is a place for all these things, but where is our raw burning desire to be in the image of God and create just for the pure pleasure of it?!

Recently, with the arrival of sprogling number two, I have had to put crafts and music and other creative outlets to one side to concentrate on keeping both them and myself alive. But my connection and relationship with God has really suffered. I kept thinking I needed to have this rigid, structured quiet time to connect with God (and couldn’t find the time or space to fit that in) so just stopped trying. But actually I just need to think creatively and find new ways to connect with Him.

For me and my season, that is through exploring the bible in fun new ways with my toddler, but also trying to rediscover the love and passion God gave me for art and crafts by taking up bible lettering. Hopefully I will be able to share some of my creations on here or Instagram (follow me @ace_rach ). What is your creative passion? Maybe it’s art, maybe its dance, maybe its writing. Why not reconnect with your creators heart through this and find the pure joy of creating.