30 before 30 – did I do it?!

I write this post as a fully fledged 30 year old.  No longer am I young and cool (was I ever!).  No longer can I ignore the aging process.  But you know what, I am pretty happy to be 30.  I have an amazing husband and family, and I am still following an amazing God [...]

August 30 before 30 update

Time for another 30 before 30 update, although this is bitter sweet today as I have had to say goodbye to one of my new mug collections mugs.  Conisbrough Castle mug - rest in peace.....Go geocaching. So rubbish and remembering to do this!  But I will soon...Go on a camping trip with friends. Not sure if this [...]

30 before 30 update

Well it is time again for another 30 before 30 update, and I am pretty excited as I have actually crossed some off!!!Go geocaching. Still haven't gotten out to do this yet but now the weather is sunny I hope to!Go on a camping trip with friends. Not organised yet, so if any of my friends are [...]

30 before 30 update….

Here is my brief update on how I am getting on with my 30 before 30 challenges!  It is only a month or so now until I turn 29 so I need to start getting a move on.....Go geocaching. I have uploaded a geo-caching app so just need to get out and do it now!Go [...]

Update on my 30 before 30

Update!So my amazing husband reminded me today of our 30 before 30 lists, as he has ticked one off. I have only really started one (though it might qualify for number 14 too) which is number 11 to learn yoga. After a bit of an identity/body image crisis this week in the middle of Matalan, I wanted [...]