In HER Shoes – Esther (Week 15)

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Welcome to the second to last week of our Esther series.  I know some of you will be sad to see the end of our time with Esther, but don’t worry – the next series is really exciting too!!

So this week we were meditating on the following verse:

“Esther again pleaded with the king, falling at his feet and weeping. She begged him to put an end to the evil plan of Haman the Agagite, which he had devised against the Jews.” Esther 8:3

It’s still not over yet

Last week we thought we’d seen the last of Esther having to put herself out there and ask difficult questions – she explained the situation in a calm and reasonable manner and explained the problem well.  But the King, in his rage, didn’t really grasp what the true problem was.  He was angry at Haman, and acted to get rid of that problem.  But he didn’t actually address the thing that Haman had put into motion which meant the death of all the Jews.  So this week, when Esther is well and truly emotionally spent, after one terrifying approach to the king, two emotional and intense banquets, and witnessing a man be hanged (or impaled, depending on which translation you read), she has had enough.  She’s reach the end of her tether, her last ebb of strength and so she pulls out all the stops and approaches the king one more time.

Not giving Up

Esther could easily have given up at this point.  She had tried her best, she had done what Mordecai asked of her and it hadn’t worked.  But the word AGAIN really stood out to me this week.  She doesn’t stop until she gets the miracle she needs to survive.  Her life depends on it.  And so AGAIN she goes to the king, but this time it is different.  This time she doesn’t follow the etiquette or the do things the right way – she HAS to get the message across that this is a big deal to her, and so she pleads, begs and weeps at his feet.

What about us?

I’ve been thinking this week more about how the story of Esther applies to us.  What can we take from her life and be inspired for in our own.  Well for me it is a story of circumstances preparing someone for the future, despite how hard they are.  It is a story of a wise young woman who relied upon God to do step out of her comfort zone and do something really scary, but she was spiritually, physically and emotionally prepared.  It is a story of a woman not willing to give up until God does what he promised.  So let us remember that our past has been a training ground, prepare ourselves in everyway possible for what lies ahead and never ever give up praying, asking, pursuing until we get the miracle we need.

next week

For our final week in Esther’s shoes we will be meditating on this verse:

“In every province and in every city to which the edict of the king came, there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with feasting and celebrating. And many people of other nationalities became Jews because fear of the Jews had seized them.” Esther 8:17

I am still struggling with this cold and my voice is awful, so there won’t be a Facebook Live Discussion this Monday evening, but don’t worry – it will be returning for the new series!!!

After next week we will have one week break before the new series launches (yey!!!).  There will be lots more exciting announcements during that week, including the new website, how to join the Mummy Meditations Family and get some amazing goodies, and new resources for the new series.  WATCH THIS SPACE……



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