How Bible Journaling Helped Me

Life can be tough sometimes, can’t it?!  Sometimes bad things happen, sometimes we have to wait for what we desperately want, sometimes life is just tiring.  I’m not immune to that as a Christian.

What is it that gets you through those tough times?  Is it food?  Is it alcohol?  Is it friends?  The thing that has kept me going and kept me connected to God during the last two years of my life has been bible journaling.  I only discovered it a couple of months before we were told the news that our house was to be compulsory purchased by the government, but I am so so thankful that I did.  It has been a lifeline, a way to communicate what I’ve been feeling inside and a way to let it out and give it over to God.  When sometimes words and prayers won’t come, art and creativity have filled those gaps and I can now look back at the journey I took and be thankful that God was there with me in it.

I wanted to share with you some of the pages that I created along the way, a little window into my journey, and hope that they might inspire you to keep journaling through your darkest days:

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