Life: Revisited

life revisited

On my to do list for the past three (almost four!) months has been to put together our family yearbook for 2017.  It is a tradition we started after our second child came along, as it was no longer easy to categorise time based on how old Sam is!  A yearbook seemed like a great chance to get printed the millions of photos we had taken during each year and to have something to remember all our family adventures.

I think I love the process of it just as much as the finished result.  Take 2017 for example.  In my head, the only thing that happened in that year was dealing with HS2.  We submitted our blight notice, entered into negotiations about the value of our house and generally got thoroughly depressed about it all.  But when I looked back through the hundreds of photos we had taken, none of them showed that.  There were fun family times, celebrations, holidays in the rain and so much more.

I was also reminded of an old blog post this week – one I had written almost two years ago called “Hey! Get your own relationship with God.“.  It wasn’t until I re-read those words that I realised I had forgotten the message.  I was speaking those words to myself all over again, and reminding myself to stop comparing my relationship with God to others, but to embrace what is it during this current season.  I am now past the sleepless nights and craziness of newborn babies, but my current season has been just as challenging.  I have been lucky enough to get more time on my own with God, and I have needed to push into Him just to survive.

I am a little sad to not have midnight prayer sessions anymore (although I do very much enjoy unbroken sleep!), but revisiting this post has reminded me most of all to just grab what you have with God at the moment and cherish that.  It’s the same with life – revisiting it by making my yearbook has reminded me to grab hold of the amazing moments I can have with my family now, even throughout the stress of moving house, as I will forget the stress but the memories of times with my boys will last forever.

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