bible journaling in the UK

Bible Journaling in the UK

bible journaling in the UK

I am often struck by how different the UK is to other places. We make jokes about how we love to queue and complain, it always rains and how we all love to drink tea in the afternoon. Outsiders think we’re very prim and proper, but we know the truth! However, our culture is very different to other parts of the world (I think it is part of what makes me fearful of travelling!!!) and if we are going to truly understand how things work here we have to accept that.

I think the same is true when it comes to bible journaling in the UK. Recently our lifegroup has done a few dvd series created by churches in the US and pastors from other there. And as great as the teaching often is, it loses some of its impact because it just doesn’t apply as well to our culture. Bible journaling started over in the US and was popularized by Shanna Noel and the team at Illustrated Faith. They have done an amazing job in making Christian themed products available for creative people like myself, but sometimes I wonder if it doesn’t all translate exactly to how we do things over here in the UK.

In my mind, we’re not quite as garish and over the top sparkly as the US (sometimes I like a bit of glitter, but not always). We are that bit more reserved and traditional, some of us a little more reluctant to take our paint sets to the word of God. But I think the potential for bible journaling to inspire and encourage people here in the UK is just as great as anywhere else.

There are lots of people leading the way in showing us how bible journaling is done here in the UK. No, it’s not mainstream and you won’t walk into the range or hobbycraft and find loads of bible specific resources on sale. But I think that makes us British bible journalers that bit more resourceful and creative. We have to fight for inspiration and use whatever materials we can find. We look to reuse and recycle. We are local not national, encouraging each other in small groups and making gentle waves across the UK. We love for anyone to join us and we try to capture the heart of what God is saying to us, not just catchy slogans.

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5 thoughts on “Bible Journaling in the UK

  1. Eliz says:

    Hi I’ve just come back from Spring Harvest Minehead 1, and as I was browsing the table selling bibles my daughter wondered off (she’s 6years old) and so dutifully I followed her, but something caught my eye and God showed me Bible journal. I was in awe of the possibilities. I keep a TN journal anyway so bible journal would focus my mind in one place.
    I live in Worcestershire, UK, do you know where there are groups that I could join or even how to start one up?

    • Rachel Ridler says:

      Hi Eliz, that’s great news that you’ve discovered bible journaling at spring harvest in Minehead. I am based in South Yorkshire so not sure if there are any groups near you, but the best way to find out is to join some of the group’s on Facebook – Bible Art Journaling UK is a good one and you can ask around to see if there is anything local to you.

  2. Suzie says:

    Hi Rachel. I am drawn to Bible journalling but in a more understated way too. I don’t feel comfortable when I see God’s Word covered over in say, dark blue, rendering it unreadable. It is His Word not an art book after all ( although I think using pale colours is fine). Personally I love to use empty space around the text, or highlight passages in creative ways using stickers, Washi tape (as I’m not very artistic) crayons etc… not that I’ve done a lot of it! I find it inspiring and a wonderful way to focus on and learn Scripture. We have a creative God who has blessed us with creativity. I think as long as it helps us to focus on Him then we can use it to His glory.

  3. Alison Prentice says:

    I’ve been Bible Journaling for almost 2 years, and although slow to start, and as the previous person said, not keen to cover up the text in the Bible, i now find it so prayerful to fill the Bible with creativity. As some of the speakers at the recent online Festival by Bible art Journaling UK said it is art for God’s fridge door. I am lucky that in our house we have a number of bibles for reading and studying, so my Journalling Bibles are used to speak with God and listen to what he is saying and bring it forth in art.

  4. Tracy says:

    Hello. This is just what I’m looking for. An English. Erwinn of bible journaling. I love crafting and I love my faith and I would live to find and English way of doing this.

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