greatest showman

How The Greatest Showman Moved Me

greatest showman

Last week, in the midst of putting offers in on a new house, me and my hubby went out for a well needed date night.  As we really needed a break from talking (that’s all we’d done all week and the stress of house decisions was really getting to us) we decided to go to the cinema.  I’d heard lots of people talk about the Greatest Showman, and I like a good musical, so I thought we’d give it a go (secretly thinking my hubby would hate it!).

The thing with musicals is that they have real power.  Music is something special isn’t it?  It has the power to reach into your soul and speak to you like words on their own don’t.  It has the power to change your mood and to make you feel things like nothing else.  And so when you combine amazing songs with a moving story like in the Greatest Showman, you have something potentially explosive.  It really was just what the doctor ordered.

Watching the Greatest Showman took me back to the days when I took part in the school production.  The way that they described being a family reminded me of that.  When you spend hours rehearsing and performing something so moving and creative then you cannot help but get closer.  I once played my violin as part of the orchestra for our school production of Les Mis.  I didn’t know or care for the songs before, or even have any clue what the story line was about, but just being part of something was an immense feeling.  So I could relate to the phenomenal atmosphere that could be created both for the audience and those taking part.

I have watched back some of the footage from the shows rehearsals too (yes I have become slightly addicted) and the music really is outstanding.  Stripped back and in its raw form, you can see people just loving the chance to sing and play and communicate in that way.  It is spiritual really, and a lot of those clips remind me of intimate times in sung worship at church where you really let go.  There are hundreds of verses in the bible which tell about singing joyfully to the Lord, and I couldn’t pick just one that put that across.  But I know that when I do sing joyfully to God it has an effect on my soul that nothing else does.

The Greatest Showman obviously isn’t a Christian movie, but the themes of acceptance and a family of broken people coming together reminds me of Jesus and the gospel.  The songs that go with the storyline are phenomenal, and I really do recommend that you ALL go to see it!!!  The soundtrack is now on repeat in our house (and it was my hubby that went out and bought it not me!)

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