hannah dunnett NIV journaling bible

Mum on a Mission Reviews Hannah Dunnett Journaling Bible

hannah dunnett NIV journaling bible

I am so excited to say that I have been sent a copy of the new Hannah Dunnett journaling bible by Hodder and Stoughton to review for you all.  Ever since my lovely friend Jo introduced me to Hannah’s Christian artwork I have been in love with it.  The way that the pictures and words flow together is just beautiful, and really helps to draw out the meaning of the verses she uses.

You might remember that one of my favourite Christmas gifts from last year was a Hannah Dunnett print for my hallway, and that as soon as it was announced they were making a Hannah Dunnett journaling bible back in June it was on my wishlist!!

what is it like???

front cover of hannah dunnett bibleMy first reaction when I received the bible was just “how beautiful is this!!”.  There had been some mutterings in the bible jouraling world that it didn’t live up to expectations, but I absolutely love it!  Now it is quite a chunky bible, as the is not the smallest and the margins are left wide for plenty of drawing space, but it is really beautiful.  The cover featuring Hannah’s artwork is inspiring and something that I want to carry around with me and show off.  I imagine it would invite people to ask what it was if you left it on a coffee table.

As well as being really pretty, the cover is hard so will nicely protect your bible (and any artwork inside) from being damaged.  There is an elastic strap to keep the pages together (handy if you like to slot extra bits in) and inside the front and back covers and more lovely examples of Hannah’s artwork.

format inside

blank page in hannah dunnett bibleInside you will find one column of text next to a blank wide margin.  This is ideal for the more seasoned bible journaler who is happy to be free with their art.  After having my blue polka dot NIV journaling bible for over a year now, I can see how the single column of text is going to be beneficial to me and not having lines will be helpful too, as I draw more than I write notes.  But this is personal preference. The pages are reasonably thick, but will still need a good coat of gesso if you don’t want paint and pen to show through.

The nice touch to this bible is that scattered throughout are glossy pages with more of Hannah’s artwork which will hopefully inspire and encourage you as you are reading.

artwork in hannah dunnett bible

taking it for a test drive

As part of my Mummy Meditations series I have been looking a Mary, the mother of Jesus, so I thought it would be good to try out some journaling techniques in the Hannah Dunnett Bible and see how it went.  To put it to the test I used:

  • clear gesso
  • watercolour paints
  • felt tip pens
  • gold embossing powder
  • glue and heavy embellishments
  • washi tape

I thought this would be a fair test as to how well the pages and space coped with a variety of bible journaling techniques.  I have to say that it did very well.

Whenever I use gesso on pages, I always find that they wrinkle up a bit, so I was pleased to find that this wasn’t too much of an issue with the Hannah Dunnett bible.  The pages are reasonably thick for a bible and so they coped well with the gesso and having a heat gun fired at it!  The gesso worked well too, as there was minimal ink and paint coming through on the other side of the page.  The only thing you can see slightly is the black felt tip pen.

finished page in Hannah dunnett bible

As the pages are quite thick, the washi tape and heavy embellishments haven’t torn the pages or weighed them down too much either.  The embossing powder stuck nicely to the pages and haven’t shown through to the other side.  I am very impressed with the way that the pages have coped with all of these journaling techniques.

what’s the verdict

I have actually fallen in love with this bible.  I love the lay out of the pages, with the blank columns at the side of only one column of text.  I love the beautiful design of the front cover and the sturdy hardcover that is has.  I love the images and pictures supplied by Hannah Dunnet which are scattered through the bible, offering little glimpses of inspiration.

I think this is a bible for a reasonably serious bible journaller who appreciates and admires Hannah’s artwork.  And for the price of only £29.99 it is actually quite reasonably for a bible of it’s size and quality.  You can purchase your own copy here.


NOTE: I was sent a copy of the Hannah Dunnett Journaling Bible for free by Hodder Faith for the purposes of reviewing it.  However, all opinions are my own.  



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