2017 highlights

Highlights and Praise Points from 2017

2017 highlights

I’m putting this out there – 2017 has been a pretty rubbish year.  For me personally it has been hard work.  The whole HS2 fiasco has been sitting over our heads for the whole year, and just when we think we are taking one step forward another road block comes up.  It has been tiring and stressful and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so helpless.  I have felt directionless and the frustration of being in a period of waiting.

But in the midst of that, I have had some amazing moments and breakthroughs, and I have a God who has stuck with me.  So I wanted to share with you all my highlights and praise points from 2017:

  • Royal Albert Hall Trip – I mentioned this in my post looking ahead into 2017, and the tickets had been booked!  It was a really memorable trip to go and see one of my hubby’s favourite comedians.  However,  did almost fall asleep at the gig and we had to go home early, missing a surprise guest at the end – only MICHAEL MCINTYRE!!!  Oh well, it was still amazing to go to the landmark gigs that my charity puts on after 6 years working for them.
  • Captivated Conference – As a last minute decision I ended up going to the Captivated Mum’s Conference this year.  It was such a soul filling day and God stoked some desires in my heart whilst there.  I also got the chance to meet the lovely Naomi from the Organised Life Project in person after running Mummy Meditations with her for months!  Such a special day and I am taking some more mums from my church with me to the 2018 conference.
  • Hubby Graduating – It was such an amazing moment to see my hubby graduate with his masters in Theology this year.  He has worked so hard whilst also being an amazing Dad.  My hope and prayer is that he can start his phd this year and the long road to becoming a Doctor (of Theology, not medicine….)!
  • Sam Starting School – Sam not only got into the school that we wanted but he is totally and completely thriving!  He loves learning, has made loads of friends and I’ve even made a few mum friends at the school gate too.  I am so thankful to God for providing a loving place for Sam to spend so much of his time, and I love that prayer is a normal part of the school day there too.
  • Turning 30 – I didn’t quite complete my “30 before 30” list but I had some great times along the way, and I actually feel very happy to be 30.  For my birthday treat we went and did the Room on the Broom Trail as a family, and it was very definitely my happy place.
  • Starting a Bible Journaling Group at Church –  In response to what I took away from the Captivated Conference I approached one of our church leaders, who has let me promote and set up a bible journaling group at church.  I love how relaxed it is, and that we just come together and chill whilst doing a bit of journaling and sharing our bibles around.  It is definitely ones of those things that fills my soul!
Things I didn’t get to do

Looking back at my plans and prayers for 2017 there is one very big thing that we haven’t managed to do this year, and that is take our planned trip to Rome.  Last Christmas I did the very silly thing of driving our car into my in-laws metal gate which cost me a lovely £500 bill to repair.  So unfortunately Rome was out of budget after that.  We have been saving like mad though to try to go in 2018 as a 10th Wedding Anniversary Trip so watch this space!

Do tune in early next week for my plans for 2018 post (including my new verse for the year….).  What have been your highlights and praise points this year?

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