Mum on a Mission Reviews “A Really Incredible Feast”

My husband calls me lucky because I am always winning competitions.  Whether is a defibrillator (yes I really did win a heart re-starter), a hamper of goodies or a book, I am always winning something.  I like to think its because I have an “in it to win it” mentality, and so I just have a go when others can’t be bothered!  But maybe God is just smiling down on me and blessing me with these things.

Whatever the reasons, this month I won a new book from , the online Christian bookshop.  I shared my happy news online and asked if you would all like a review of my free book, and the answer came back “YES!!!”.  So here it is….

a really incredible feast hard backed book I got sent a copy of “A Really Incredible Feast (and other amazing Jesus stories)” by Johanna Baldwin and illustrated by Hannah Wheeler.   It has been produced for Scripture Union, so you know it is going to be good quality and well thought out.  The book was bigger than I thought, but I was comparing it to the small “Super Cool Story of Jesus” booklet which was produced for free by the Bible Society for Easter this year.  The two books are quite similar in that they try to make Jesus’ story accessible for children using rhyme and modern illustration styles.

I do prefer the illustration style of the “Super Cool Story of Jesus”, but I think that older children double page spread in a really incredible feast book will like “A Really Incredible Feast” as its a bit more grown up.  The stories are very well written, and use an interesting font with little graphics around the words too to make it feel modern.  However, I do feel that it would again suit an older child better than my 4 year old, as he wants to constantly be turning the pages and there are too many words for him per page at the moment.  I would say maybe 7-9 would be the ideal audience.

written section of a really incredible feastThe stories are very accurate to the bible too, including details rather than simplifying the stories down.  Again, this will be good for older children who have heard the toddler versions of these stories over and over and want something a bit more chunky to get into.

Overall, I love this book but will probably be putting it away until my son is a few years older.  Then I am sure he will love it!  We really are spoilt at the moment with some great resources for teaching our children about the bible, so thank you for sending me this lovely example in “A Really Incredible Feast”.    If you want to get hold of your own copy it is only £5.99 from Eden.

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