August Inspiration

monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

So August will probably be a pretty quiet month from me here, but I still wanted to share some great links and likes that I have found in the middle of summer holiday fun!  Enjoy and do share anything great you have found on the internet…

  • Googly eye bombing – now isn’t this just the most fun thing ever?!!!  I must make a note to invest in some giant googly eyes so I can go out and spread some cheer in my neighbourhood!
  • Bible out and about photo competition – The Bible Society is always thinking of new and imaginative ways to get us reading our bibles, and this competition is no different.  I guess it is designed to make us take our bibles on holiday rather than leaving them at home, so get snapping and sharing…
  • Faith at home in the summer holidays – a great blog post from Victoria at Godventure (one of my favourites) about how to keep faith in out activities over the summer holidays.  Lots of ideas and links in here for you all.

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