30 before 30 – did I do it?!

30 before 30

I write this post as a fully fledged 30 year old.  No longer am I young and cool (was I ever!).  No longer can I ignore the aging process.  But you know what, I am pretty happy to be 30.  I have an amazing husband and family, and I am still following an amazing God who has looked after me so far and brought me on an adventure.  I have no doubt He has even greater things in store for my thirties.  So bring it on I say!  Here is my final run down of what I have and haven’t acheived……

  1. Go geocaching – COMPLETED.  My lovely hubby included this in my pre-birthday presents and downloaded the app on his phone, so off we went to have some geocaching fun (ok so we had some teething issues with the app but I am counting this)
  2. Go on a camping trip with friends. Unfortunately not done this one, but still something I will aspire to do.
  3. Spend a day at a spa- COMPLETED.  Will definitely be making some repeat visits….
  4. Visit 5 new museums – COMPLETED. Visited lots of great museums in the last few years
  5. Knit something – COMPLETED – not sure if you will call this something BUT I KNITTED IT!!!knitting
  6. Sponsor a child.  Definitely want to do this and might look at it as something to start this Christmas time with the boys.
  7. Host a scavenger hunt – COMPLETED.  
  8. Send a care package to someone – COMPLETEDMust make this a more regular thing!
  9. Learn to juggle 
  10. Start a collection – COMPLETED – One of my favourite new things that has come from this is a purpose to having more mugs
  11. Learn yoga – COMPLETED 
  12. Take on a 30 day photo challenge – COMPLETED. Did my 30 days of REAL family life photo challenge last year, and loved it so much that I am planning on doing this again over the summer (want to join me?!)
  13. Visit another country that speaks a different language –  This just hasn’t been in budget for us at the moment, but will hopefully be achieved in the next year or so.
  14. Have a proper exercise routine – COMPLETED  Am using my exercise bike much more regularly than any other exercise I have done before so counting that!
  15. Write an ebook – would still love to do this but not sure what I’d write about – ideas anyone?!
  16. Feed 500 people in my home – I am carrying on with my feeding 5000 target but not done well the last year or so.
  17. Memorise my favourite passage from the bible – COMPLETED Doing Mummy meditations mean that I have memorised loads of passages from the bible, and my favourite one changes all the time.
  18. Sleep under the stars
  19. Learn a new craft/creative skill – COMPLETED Loving exploring bible journaling and expressing my faith in this new creative way.
  20. Make a time capsule to bury in our garden – Not worth doing this with the prospect of moving, but will try to do this in our new home.
  21. See the Lion King musical on west end.  Another that hasn’t been in budget this year, but hopefully at some point we will do this.
  22. Grow my own vegetables – COMPLETED. I’m counting raspberries as a vegetable here.  With potential house move on the cards I probably wont be planting a veggie patch here, but will continue with my wild raspberries!
  23. Take my blog self hosted – COMPLETED. You are now looking at my new self-hosted website, and I think I just about know what that means!  Hopefully it means a bit more flexibility and customizable to what both I and you want.
  24. Reorganize my recipe box and books – COMPLETED.  Had a big sort through and threw out recipes I don’t use and laminated those I do!
  25. Write my will – COMPLETED.
  26. Learn how to give proper massages. 
  27. Take Sam to an ice cream parlour – COMPLETED –  Yey!  We did this one whilst we were on holiday this year and it was so much fun.  Now Sam is totally addicted to ice cream and I found the perfect flavour – apple crumble.
  28. Have a steak at a proper steakhouse. 
  29. Finish Reuben’s cross stitch – COMPLETED – I started this before he was even born and struggled to finish it, so a marathon cross stitching effort the week we were camping meant that I managed to finish this!
  30. Write a 40 before 40 list – COMPLETEDI will publish this later in the week, but excited to start setting some new goals, dreams and challenges for myself. This list has really pushed me and helped me to enjoy life, and that is what I want my thirties to be like.

I managed to complete 19/30 tasks which I think is pretty good.  The remaining 11 will end up on my 40 before 40 list along with some brand new things.  If you haven’t set yourself a list like this then I would highly recommend doing so.  Having a list of dream, goals, ideas and challenges really does motivate you and mean that your time is spent doing things you actually desire to do. So do it!  (And share some of your ideas with me below…)

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