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At the beginning of 2017, I became a crowdfunder for a great Christian business called Cheerfully Given.  You may remember me sharing it in my monthly inspiration posts!  Cheerfully Given is an online marketplace that allows other Christian creatives to sell their products all in one place.  Which means that if you ever want to buy an amazing christian gift you only have to search in one place (yey!!).  Through being involved in this, I have started following some fabulous new craftspeople on instagram, including the lovely Katy Day Designs.

becoming a brand rep

bible verse fabric braceletEarlier in May, whilst on holiday, I spotted Katy Day putting out a plea for brand reps to help launch her new limited edition range of fabric bible verse bracelets.  These were one of the items that I had seen on her instagram and really loved – printed with different bible verses they would be a constant reminder of a key verse all the time.  So I put my hand up, ordered my favourite bible verse bracelet from the new ones being launched and the rest is history!  As a self-confessed “creative heart” who used to run a craft company, I know how hard it is.  I know how hard it is to do absolutely everything – think of new ideas, create in bulk, think up pricing strategies, promote your products, do the accounts, and everything else that being an independent business person entails.  So I want to help big up an amazing talent and hopefully show you one of her fabulous products that perhaps you might like for yourself or a friend.

Limited edition braceletfabric bible verse bracelet up close

Katy makes these lovely bible verse bracelets.  In a way they reminded me of a much improved version of the “WWJD” bracelet that I used to wear as a teenager – proudly, yet discretely, showing off that I was a Christian (if you were also a christian you would know what it meant!) and reminding myself daily during the hardships of school/uni/whatever that God was with me. These fabric bracelets however are much prettier and easier to show off to others.  This means that not only will they look good and remind you during your daily activities of God’s presence with you, but will be a door opener to conversations with others.  I know that when Katy designed these she had evangelism in mind, so why not give it a go?  If you are someone who finds it hard to start up God conversations, then having little prompts and conversation starters around can only be a good thing.  Lets start to prepare for evangelism instead of just hoping it will happen.

Quality product

bible verse bracelet on backing cardWhen my new bible verse bracelet arrived, it was beautifully packaged in tissue paper and ribbon, on a lovely backing card displaying the verse that is printed on the bracelet (sometimes due to sewing and where the silver heart is you can’t always see the whole verse).  I kept thinking that this would be such a lovely gift to surprise someone with.  The fabric is a lovely pale blue colour and the sewing and attaching to clasps looks very good quality.  I have worn it everyday since receiving it and had no problems with it (except my lack of ability to put it on!).  My only recommendation would be to take it off if you are planning dirty/wet activities instead of embarking on a muddy gardening task with it on……


These fabric bracelets start at only £10.99 and go up to £16.99 depending what charms and additions you want to add.  For the quality of product and hard work put into making it, prettiness and how it might help with evangelism I think it is well worth the price.  You can browse the different designs that are currently available here, or wait until 13th June for the limited edition designs for summer to be available!  However you better be quick in ordering as they will only be available until 9th August.

You can browse Katy’s products on Cheerfully Given or Etsy 

Note: I received a fabric bracelet at half price and am a brand rep for Katy Day Designs, but have expressed my own opinions in this post 

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