Easter garden biscuits

40acts 2017 – “It is finished!”

mum on a mission takes on 40 acts

Easter Sunday.

The end of lent and the beginning of new life.

Every year I celebrate Easter, and for the last few years I have marked lent by taking on the 40 acts challenge.  But this is the first year I have truly gotten my son to take part too.  And it has BLOWN ME AWAY….

His understanding of generosity.  His understanding of the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection through the eyes of 40 acts has just increased and increased through the last few weeks.  The way the Holy Spirit has prompted him with names of people to give to, given him boldness to approach people in a way I never could, and brought joy and laughter to others through our facebook live videos has brought a tear to my eye.  This will be a cherished time I look back on between me and Sam.  And I am thankful for being able to share it with him this year.

Here are some final highlights and activities we have done:

  • Given Easter Garden biscuits to neighbours and friends at Grandma’s house
  • Counted up the pennies in our generosity box – a total of £5.46 to go to Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Sam going litter picking around our estate with Grandad and collecting a bag full
  • Going on Premier Radio Inspirational Breakfast to speak about doing 40acts with Sam and sharing our story
  • Going to our local park and Sam spending the entire time picking up all the litter lying around to make it safe for his little brother to play there
  • Sending a care package to a friend online who has broken their arm
  • Actually writing one of the 40 acts devotional emails and having my story told and shared online!
  • Being able to host a competition via my facebook page and give away a Treasure Box to a family who will be able to creatively explore bible stories together.
  • Leaving sweets and toys in our local play park with notes on them for others boys and girls to find – going back the next day to check if they were still there and finding them all gone!
  • Being able to share stories of generosity online with people, including my favourite video of my friend through 40acts, Ruth.
  • Raiding our cupboards to find food for the local foodbank



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