february cycling update

Rach Round the World – An update from February

february cycling updateYou know that sinking feeling when you have failed to improve on last month.  Well that was February.  I made a good start to my cycling challenge in January, but then I lost it!  I made too many excuses, missed too many days and gave up when I was tired.

well not anymore!!

March is here now and I am pushing myself again to do at least 5k every day.  It is hard at the moment because life is draining and its the last thing I want to do, but I know it will be worth it.  What challenges are you taking on at the moment? How are you breaking them down?

For me I am finding that know my daily target is really helpful, and then if I miss a day I know I have to make that up on another day.  Hopefully March’s update will have my daily average back up closer to 5km (not just over 3km!) and I will be storming ahead!  Watch this space…

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