mum on a mission reviews the treasure box people

Mum on a Mission Reviews The Treasure Box People

mum on a mission reviews the treasure box peopleLast month I was sent an amazing gift for me and Sam to review – a TREASURE BOX!!!!  Please start off by watching my video about it, and I am going to share some more thoughts about the time me and Sam spent doing the activities below…..

Well what a month we have had.  In the midst of other things, we have kept coming back to our Treasure Box and Sam has definitely learnt lots about the story of the wise and foolish builder.  I love the way that with so many activities provided in this subscription box that I could stretch out that learning over a few nights.  On the first night we read the story book together (with duplo bricks next to us).  Then my mum taught Sam the song about wise man built his house upon the rock (a classic!) which got him even more excited.

book of wise and foolish builder

Story book included in the Treasure Box

The four related activities included in the box we reviewed:
  • Sand Cross
  • Rain stick
  • Family House keyring
  • Slate drawing
activity instruction booklets

Activity instruction booklets included in the treasure box

How did Sam get on?

I have to say that all of them were well thought out, and the homemade rain stick was genious!!  We did the rain stick first as Sam is obsessed with rice.  He loved the sound that it made, so then we read through the story book again together with him making the sound of the rain every time it was mentioned.  I had to help him a bit with the gluing but otherwise it was great activity for him.

Another night we made the sand cross.  This was a slightly harder for Sam as the peeling off sections was tricky.  An older child would have loved doing this themselves.  Sam loved choosing the colours and hanging his finished cross on our balcony door handle.  He made the connection really easily between the sand cross and the man who built on the sand, and we chatted through the story the entire time we were making it.

The last two activities were slightly harder for Sam as his drawing isn’t great, but he still had a go at making his keyring (my personal favourite as its so cute!) and slate. Here are Sam’s creations:

Sam's creations

My overall opinion

Out of all the things I get sent free to review, this has to be one of my favourites.  I could genuinely see the excitement on Sam’s face to do the activities, and the delight when he learnt a part of the story better.  It meant we had many more bible related conversations, and helped us as parents to teach him the principle of why we should build our lives upon Jesus, the solid rock.  I honestly don’t think that as a tired, sleep deprived, cranky parent I could come up with anything half as good as this.  Yes maybe I might have one day where I am super pumped and inspired, but probably not every month.  It is great value for money, and if you want to invest in your family’s bible knowledge together then I would highly recommend this.  It is delivered straight to your door with everything you could possibly need.

the details

So here is what you all want to know – what are the details on how much and how to get hold of them.  There are various option:treasure box people logo

  • 1 month will cost you £10 (thats nothing!  give it a try….) and you can set up a rolling subscription that you can cancel at any time.
  • 1 bumper box (if you have extra kids!) will cost £15
  • 6 months will cost you only £55 up front (£80 for bumper sized)
  • 12 months will cost £100 up front (£150 for bumper sized)

You can read more about the lovely people who started the Treasure Box idea and subscribe now (you know you want to!) by visiting the Treasure Box People’s website.  Why not buy one and see how you go?  Or buy one as a birthday present for someone instead of a toy? Or….

Try one for free???!

I am hosting a giveaway on my facebook page up until 7th April 2017, so make sure you hop over and enter for your chance to try a Treasure Box absolutely free!

one month treasure box

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